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From Our Workshop to You

Hey there! We are Rospins Bindery Limited, a company legally registered in Hong Kong and renowned for crafting high-quality, custom luxury boxes since 2017. Our operations and production are rooted in our Shenzhen-based workshop.

Each box we create is a testament to artisanal expertise, meticulously handcrafted in our studio by our skilled artisans. It's a journey from our studio to your hands, a journey of transforming high-quality raw materials into a finely crafted box, ready for your use and enjoyment.

We're all about the details. Whether we're crafting photo storage boxes, USB boxes, folio boxes, or invitation boxes, we choose only the best materials. Think sturdy ESKA board, classy linens, and lush velvet. And guess what? Each piece, regardless of its type, is all put together with care and precision by our amazing team right in our workshop.

We get it: Presentation matters. To you, to your clients, to everyone.