1. Introduction about our imprinting service.

Rospins' imprinting service can be used on photography print boxes, USB boxes. Our experts use a manual hot foil stamping machine in colors of gold, rose, silver, black or white.

We can also provide blind imprinting, wherein an image is pressed into the fabric without the use of foil. This creates a subtle, understated look. (Do keep in mind that if your fabric has a coarse surface, blind imprinting does not work well.)

2. Custom Imprinting

Make an unforgettable impression by stamping a special phrase, a meaningful motto, or your client’s great name onto the box.

We have 2 types of fonts from which to choose: Goudy, Bombshell Pro.

custom imprinted_print box with usb_our wedding/family      custom imprinted_print box_dark grey      custom imprinted_print box with usb_stratum linen

3. Logo Imprinting

Logos are imprinted on our products using a studio die. After a one-time fee of $29 USD for the studio die, we will do free imprinting for all of your future orders.

logo imprinted_print box with usb_antique white      logo imprinted_print box with usb_linen stone      logo imprinted_usb box_seafoam