Our Story

Nan Lin founded RosPins in the middle of 2017 in Shenzhen. He finished IT application in university. However, he did not pursue a career as a computer programmer. This is the case even though Nan was living in a young and energetic city that caters to IT startup companies.

Nan chose to move his career forward in marketing and, after several years of experience abroad, he decided to build his own photography packaging company - RosPins.

His collective experiences working with different individuals and artists, especially photographers, and his love for photography are the reasons why he knows what they need: high-quality, sleek, and modern photo packaging.

We, at RosPins, we understand the importance of presentation and how it impacts the way people see your brand.

With this, we take the process of our handmade photo boxes by to heart. We assure you that every box that leaves our shop is presentable and high-quality to help you deliver your works.

Your Success is Our Business

We offer easy-to-use packaging materials to our photographer clients. We work photographers and videographers as their partner online - choose from our boxes and USBs to present your work to your clients and future clients.

We are a dedicated leader in the industry that provides the best packaging to artists. Our commitment is to help every photographer in the industry become the best in their field.

Materials and Imprinting

We want to offer more value to our clients and, with this in mind, we have sourced 16 elegant linen colors that fit every photographer’s brand. From paste to dark colors, RosPins provide a variety of options to ensure that you translate your branding to your packaging.

Once you have chosen the right box and color for your presentation, don’t forget to check out our custom flash drives for photographers, too. We have crystal, and wooden flash drives that you can choose from.

After sourcing high-quality materials and creating handmade photo boxes, we have created a system on imprinting logos and text on your packaging.

Our craftsmen had created the perfect stamping technique to imprint logo on the linen box. After hundreds of tests to find the optimal temperature, pressure, and paper, Rospins had perfected the art of imprinting.

We are proud of the process we have created in our shop. Our goal is to be your partner for growth, and that’s why we ensure that the boxes that our clients receive are entirely designed for their brand.


We understand our impact on the environment, and we aim to lessen our carbon footprints from sourcing to the creation process.

Our materials are sustainably gathered. Our partners sustainably make the boards that we use in our boxes.

We chose high-quality, and environmentally-friendly produced binding board to act as the base of the packaging. The boxes are durable to secure the photographs, and it can withstand years of storage.

Choose RosPins

Get high-quality handcrafted photography packaging regardless of the color, size, and box type you choose - that’s what RosPins always provide.